Signs that you should go to continuing education courses

signs to go to education courses

Situations when updating professional knowledge is indispensable:

  • You have not been to such courses for five or more years. Rapid technological progress is one of the main characteristics of modernity, it affects all aspects of life. New computer programs, devices and tools are introduced annually in different spheres of human activity. Therefore, experts are advised to upgrade their work skills and learn new tools at least every five years.
  • You have been working in the same company for more than three years. No matter how hard the change of work is, but sometimes it brings benefits: in order to join an unfamiliar team and prove to be a professional, a recently hired employee always masters a lot of new things – this is the same as advanced training. And someone who has not changed jobs for a long time, on the contrary, can stop in his professional development if neither he himself nor his superiors require the support of professional wealth.
  • You are denied promotion. In such a situation, you may need not only advanced training, but also professional retraining. By the way, they are often confused, but this is not the same thing – during professional retraining a person receives knowledge from an unfamiliar specialty. Do you want to be a manager? – Perhaps the boss will enhance you when you improve your skills in your profession and at the same time take a management course.
  • Young interns and trainees teach you more than you teach them.” If new arrivals, just from a university, specialists can easily put you in your belt, even despite your rich experience, then you should not time out with continuing education courses.
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