Top 5 most female professions by the number of employees

The division of the world into male and female has happened so long ago that no one will remember that once things were different. Men and women have different ideas about how to dress, how to get involved and what to dream about. For example, to the question of which profession can be called the most female, men will be able to give a definite answer: the one in which the woman emphasizes her nature. For representatives of the male half of humanity, the list of professions “for girls” will be headed by nurses, stewardesses and dancers.

 What professions are suitable for women? Here’s our Top 5 most female professions by the number of employees:

Reality is the absolute difference with men’s ideas about female professions. A study conducted by a well-known recruiting agency showed that the reality is different:

1. The first place in “femininity” is occupied by the profession of a tourism manager. We began to move more often between cities and countries: this work has become very popular – and almost ninety percent of those employed in the tourism sector are women. In addition, such a profession is simply ideal for active, curious, easy-going girls! To start in this area, you will need to undergo special short training, as well as a lot of desire and enthusiasm. In the field of tourism it is required to speak decently in foreign languages.

  2. Silver wins the very popular accountancy profession in our country. Based on the results of the study, more than eighty percent of people who have the skill of settling debit with credit are female. Who else than a woman has all the necessary qualities: attentiveness, accuracy, perseverance, ingenuity of the mind and a love of order! the most interesting thing is that my acquaintances of accountants say that for them this profession is the most creative and creative) Accountant, among other things, gets well. To work as an accountant, you must definitely undergo appropriate training in courses, and even better at a university. knowledge of 1C is required !!!

The more experience, the higher the income! This female profession is full of options: you can work as an employee in the office, but on maternity leave, you can easily carry out accounting functions at home with almost no loss of income. This, you see, is just fine for a woman! An accountant is a profession where, with age, a woman becomes more and more popular and receives more!

 3. On the third place settled workers in the field of education. Indeed, even in schools there are usually only two male teachers: a physical education teacher and a workman! Women by nature are more adapted to communication, to learning. Teachers should create an emotionally comfortable environment for children so that it is pleasant and interesting to learn. A teacher is a very difficult, specific profession, which is often paid quite low. At the same time, you need to work in the lessons, prepare the material, and fill out a bunch of any (actually useless) pieces of paper. That is, the load is just colossal.

4. Further in the ranking of the most female professions follows an HR manager, or personnel officer. Who, if not a woman, will be able to identify all the positive and negative qualities of a specialist? Here you need a natural flair, a natural ability to read what is said through the eyes. Women can do it! Women live with emotions, hints, women better understand facial expressions and body language. All this helps to choose the most promising employees from dozens of applicants. the personnel officer is simply obliged to understand psychology, therefore they often take ladies with a psychological education in this position. You also need to know the personnel law and really effective methods for selecting employees, this also requires training.

5. The brand manager closes the five professions with a female face: the tricks that ladies use to get this or that little thing from their loved one help her at work. Who, if not a woman, will be able to gently push the client to purchase and inspire him with the idea that this particular brand is worthy of his attention! In this profession, you can start with a different education: from psychology to mechanical engineering – the main thing is how to raise yourself. Exactly! Initially, a brand manager sells his own brand. Marketing education in Russia is still very weak, so it almost does not serve as an advantage.

The brand manager in the company should be ready to perform a variety of work. That is, not only normal responsibilities for promoting the product, but also “build managers”, “Build sales representatives”, “workflow”, “sales” and much more.

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