Top 5 most female professions by the number of employees

The division of the world into male and female has happened so long ago that no one will remember that once things were different. Men and women have different ideas about how to dress, how to get involved and what to dream about. For example, to the question of which profession can be called the […]

Career development series: Top 5 Marketing Tips to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow your Business

There are a number of different ways to grow your business online and it can be very overwhelming with all the different tools and resources that are available for yourself. But there’s one critical tool – LinkedIn, that you cannot afford to overlook. And that’s why in this post I want to share with you […]

Product manager in the project

With the development of domestic business, an increasing number of “point” posts that are responsible for a specific functional penetrate into all its segments. Including a product manager (he is also a product manager). The product manager is the person who is responsible for the birth of new products in the project, their preparedness for […]

Signs that you should go to continuing education courses

Situations when updating professional knowledge is indispensable: You have not been to such courses for five or more years. Rapid technological progress is one of the main characteristics of modernity, it affects all aspects of life. New computer programs, devices and tools are introduced annually in different spheres of human activity. Therefore, experts are advised […]